Our Foundations & Philosophy

In the 16th Century, the Great Maratha Warrior King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj proved to be more than match to these invaders to this august land having spiritual support of the Mavale’s from the ranges of Sahyadri, the great Shivaji Maharaj conquered through guerrilla warfare against mighty Mughal army and established “Hindavi Swaraj”which embraced with all religions in charge of his navy, army and kingdom scattered in hilly areas of Sahyadri mountain & fertile valleys of Mula, Mutha, Pavana, Ghod, Neera, Dhom, Krishna, Koyana & Panchaganga river, the lifelines for survival of residing mass.

During Independence inborn philosophy adopted by sons of the soil of Satara, Bhoomi of Freedom Fighters & Highly devoted martyrs who conquered British ruler forcefully escorted them out of India with the motto to get freedom from the rigorous & sever clutches of British regime to India.

Ancestral spirit also genetically percolated in the next generation of Satara, a land of Freedom Fighters/Social transformers/Great Revolutionaries, namely late Shri. Yashavantraoji Chavan, late Shri. Aabasaheb Veer and their committed follower Shri Pratapraoji Bhosale (Man of commitment & Principle) and their next-generation also stepped in their shoes with same historic & revolutionary spirit for economic upliftment of farming community & common mass having highly dedicated route of social transformation with socio-economic development in the area of operation of the factory till this juncture.

Tradition meets Technology

Young energetic, highly qualified, Chairman through transparent working ultimately brought the Kisanveer Sugar complex to untold heights of reputation not only in Maharashtra but also in India and at International level which has recognized by  Government of Maharashtra  through  his appointment as an Expert on the Committee for Structural Reforms in Co-operative sugar factories in the State of Maharashtra. The Expert Committee on Reforms has submitted its Report to the Government for approval and further implementation of the same in the state of Maharashtra.